Trump Has Long Prized Certain Tactics. His Trial Has Highlighted Them.

Former President Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy, and his recent impeachment trial has once again put his tactics in the spotlight. Throughout his political career, Trump has shown a knack for using certain tactics to grab attention, rally his base, and deflect criticism. And his impeachment trial has only served to emphasize these tactics.

One of Trump’s most well-known tactics is his use of inflammatory rhetoric. Whether it’s through his Twitter rants, campaign speeches, or press conferences, Trump has never shied away from making controversial statements. This tactic has helped him dominate news cycles, energize his supporters, and keep his opponents on the defensive. During his impeachment trial, Trump’s legal team continued this strategy by arguing that his speech on January 6th, which many believe incited the Capitol riot, was protected by the First Amendment.

Another tactic that Trump has long relied on is his ability to play the victim. Throughout his presidency, Trump often portrayed himself as a victim of the so-called “deep state,” the media, and the Democratic Party. This tactic has helped him rally his base and deflect criticism, painting himself as a righteous fighter against a corrupt establishment. During his impeachment trial, Trump’s legal team once again used this tactic, arguing that the impeachment was an attempt to silence Trump and disenfranchise his supporters.

Additionally, Trump has always been a master of distraction. Whenever he faces negative press or political challenges, Trump has a knack for changing the subject and redirecting attention elsewhere. This tactic was on full display during his impeachment trial, as his legal team focused on procedural arguments and technicalities rather than the substance of the charges against him. By shifting the focus away from the events of January 6th, Trump was able to muddy the waters and sow doubt in the minds of the jurors.

Despite his impeachment trial ultimately resulting in acquittal, Trump’s use of these tactics has once again proven effective in shaping the narrative and controlling the conversation. As he looks towards his political future, it’s clear that Trump will continue to rely on these tactics to maintain his influence and power. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Trump’s ability to manipulate the media, rally his base, and deflect criticism has been a key factor in his political success. And as his trial has highlighted, these tactics are likely to remain a central part of Trump’s playbook for the foreseeable future.