Trump and Mike Johnson to Make Announcement on ‘Election Integrity’

President Donald Trump and Rep. Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, are set to make an announcement on “election integrity” in the wake of the 2020 presidential election. The announcement comes as Trump continues to make baseless claims of voter fraud and seeks to overturn the election results.

The event, scheduled for Thursday, December 17th, will take place at the White House and is expected to focus on alleged irregularities in the voting process. Trump has repeatedly claimed that the election was “rigged” against him and has filed numerous lawsuits in an attempt to challenge the results.

Rep. Johnson, who serves as the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, has been a vocal supporter of Trump and his efforts to challenge the election results. In a recent statement, Johnson said that “the American people deserve to know the truth about what happened in this election” and that he is committed to ensuring that the integrity of the election process is upheld.

The announcement comes as Trump’s legal challenges continue to be rejected by courts across the country. Despite this, Trump has refused to concede the election and continues to insist that he won in a landslide.

Critics have accused Trump and his allies of undermining the democratic process by spreading unfounded claims of voter fraud. Many have called on Trump to accept the results of the election and to allow for a peaceful transition of power.

The announcement by Trump and Rep. Johnson is likely to further fuel controversy and division in the country. As the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden approaches, it remains to be seen how Trump and his supporters will react to the outcome of the election.

Ultimately, the event on “election integrity” is likely to be another chapter in the ongoing saga of the 2020 presidential election. With tensions running high and the country deeply divided, it is more important than ever for leaders to promote unity and respect for the democratic process.